Mótmæla grindadrápi ólavsøkudag

Kaj Joensen

23.07.2014 - 19:45

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Týski felagsskaparnir ProWal og Wdsf koma til Føroya og fara at mótmæla grindadrápi ólavsøkudag. Tað boða teir frá í tíðindaskrivi.

Í tíðindaskrivinum stendur eisini, at eini 90 fólk hava teknað seg at luttaka í mótmælisgonguni, men Jürgen Ortmüller (WDSF) og Andreas Morlok (ProWal), hava av trygdarávum biðið tey um ikki at luttaka. Jürgen Ortmüller og Andreas Morlok vilja sjálvir mótmæla.

Her ber til at lesa alt tíðindaskrivið:

German Whale and Dolphin conservationists will demonstrate against the "Grind", Pilot Whale and Dolphin Hunt in the Faroe Islands

Every year more than 1,000 pilot whales and various dolphins are driven to beaches and brutally slaughtered on the European Faroe Islands. These islands have a population of about 48,000 inhabitants, and are located in the North Atlantic. The managing directors of the animal welfare organizations, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Forum "WDSF" (Jürgen Ortmüller), and "ProWal", (Andreas Morlok), have announced the first official historic demonstrations will be conducted against the slaughter in the capital city of Torshavn and are scheduled for next Tuesday.

The activities of the conservationists has been greeted in various Faroese Internet forums with violent verbal abuse and even death threats, e.g., "Nazis Go Home", "Bullshit", among other examples of their repertoire.

Four years ago, the two animal rights activists were undercover, disguised as fishermen on the Faroe Islands and repeatedly documented instances of misadministration during the "Grind" that were reported to the police by the WDSF at the Danish Attorney General's office in Copenhagen, Denmark. The archipelago is indeed autonomous but the areas of defense and justice are the responsibility of the mother country of Denmark. As a result of these reports a law was passed which requires, beginning in 2015, that allows only persons with a proper license to participate in the hunts. Currently, all of the island's inhabitants including children 14 years and older and tourists are allowed to participate in this bloody carnage. Since the reports, restaurants and markets must display a permit from the health authority in order to commercially sell whale meat. The whale meat is however contaminated with environmental toxins and is also offered to tourists for consumption.

The Faroese rely on their autonomous and non-EU participant status to allow them to conduct the annual "Grind". This event is known locally as the "Grindadrap" and usually culminates in a virtual carnival-like atmosphere. All those who have registered on lists, free of charge, are assigned quotas for the meat and blubber of the pilot whales. The total amount of meat and blubber from the 1,104 pilot whales killed during the period from July 21 through November 14 was 315,000 kg and about 280,000 kg respectively. In addition to this was the meat of 430 white-sided dolphins which were also slaughtered.

Andreas Morlok (ProWal) stated: "The consumption of whale meat from the "Grind" contaminated with mercury, PCB's and other toxins contributes to the slow poisoning of the population. The head of the local health authority, Pal Weihe after a study conducted by several renowned scientists in 2012 came to the conclusion that whale meat and blubber are no longer suitable for human consumption. The most important thing is that the Faroese government can no longer afford to not protect its inhabitants and foreign guests sufficiently. We have invited the World Health Organization (WHO), to interact with the Faroese government in order that the pilot whale hunt is totally prohibited. This rich country has enough food. In 2008 there were no pilot whale hunt and no one had to suffer from hunger. We have also asked the Washington convention (CITES), to intervene against the pilot whale hunt. We have evidence that the whales can no longer recover from the brink of extinction after the unnecessar
y centuries of the killing of more than 266,000 animals as a result of the Grind."

The two animal rights activists have asked the authorities in Torshavn for police protection in view of the massive threats and have also informed the Foreign Office in Berlin. More than 90 people have applied to join the Faroe demonstration via an online event page account. For security reasons have now asked them to refrain from participating in the demonstration. The two managers want to make the challenge alone.

Jürgen Ortmüller (WDSF) stated: "The police have informed us that we are welcome even though our demonstration falls on the highest national holiday, the Olavsoka. The Faroese have never liked to continue their outmoded tradition in light of public criticism. Regardless, we want to peacefully bring attention to the barbaric drive hunt of pilot whales which is universally condemned. We are again asking the German cruise company AIDA and TUI cruises to not accept the risk of their guests to be eye-witness to a bloody hunt. Children could be traumatized."

AIDA cancelled two planned Faroe landings last year after intense pressure from the WDSF and asked the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands, Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen, in a letter to end the outdated pilot whale hunt